The New World

For as long as he could remember, John had always loved an adventure. Whether it was as simple as exploring his home town of Willoughby as a child, or sailing the seas to other strange places, but the new world was by far his grandest adventure yet. John hadn’t ever seen a world that was so magnificent, the forests and rivers hadn’t yet been tamed with little towns like in England. In fact, for all he knew, the men he’d travelled to this world with were the first to ever attempt to colonize it. So it seemed to go without saying that they had an enormous amount of work ahead of them, plenty of trees to cut, buildings to construct, and of course gold to search for.

Ah, yes, gold. The Spanish had found more than their fair share upon their arrival to the new world, and the Virginia Company had been funded to try their luck as well. John figured that they wouldn’t have much trouble with finding gold, not in a world as seemingly boundless as this. It wasn’t the gold that had brought John to the new world, as magnificent as the promise was he wouldn’t have been convinced solely for the riches, it was the chance to explore something that had been untouched thus far that had brought him. John was convinced that there wasn’t a single stone left unturned in his homeland, which meant that whatever he would accomplish someone else would have done so before. But not this land, it was untouched by man, uncolonized, and wild, that was what brought John Smith to America.

They had not had much luck in this land so far, the weather was still rather chilly and wet, so it went almost without saying that they had started to try and form true shelters here as soon as possible. After all, who knew what sort of strange animals lurked in the darkness of the forests. John had seen this as his chance to escape the colony and explore the world beyond. He had been walking for hours now, admiring the landscape, the strange creatures. Though he found himself truly in awe of the magnificence of this land, he hadn’t been foolish enough to let his guard down. Perhaps the men had been onto something. The land here was so grand that it didn’t seem so farfetched that some monster could be hiding away in the thick growth. Or, of course, there was always the possibility that they would run into other native civilizations as they had in New Spain. 

It was the idea that there were others here that made John the most restless, but he hadn’t seen any evidence of other human life so far. No tracks on the floor of the forest, no human tracks anyway, only animals, but he hadn’t seen much life at all. Not that he could blame the creatures of the land, the settlers had only experienced the very end of winter and it had made even his human counterparts wish for nothing more than a warm building to sleep in. A snapping of branches in the distance jolted John from his thoughts, his gun raised quickly, eyes finding a buck not far off. The man relaxed slightly, he had no way to carry the creature back to camp all on his own, but it was comforting to know that there was indeed a food source here if they needed it. And under the leadership of Captain Newport he was almost certain they would.